Following Your Dreams and Letting Go of Expectations

aka Quit Being a Lazy Shit and Tell People to Fuck Off 

It’s not easy finding a creative outlet.

I sell title insurance by day and write by night (and sometimes early morning). Spending forty plus hours a week in the financial world can break a creative soul down. It’s important to not let your passions go by the wayside just to pay the bills. It’s a lesson I learn daily. I grew up wanting to be a veterinarian, a fashion designer, and then a teacher, or at least this is what I told all of the nosy adults who asked. When I was in sixth grade I discovered writing and then in eighth grade romance novels. By high school, I had it in the back of my mind that I wanted to be the next Nora Roberts (arguably the most successful romance author out there).

It only took me sixteen years to publish my first romance novel and it was self-published. If you’ve ever sent your writing or any type of creative work “in.” You know that it’s a terrifying process and being turned away can be devastating.

This leads me into why I’m here.

Every day I’m reminded that I’m not following my passion to its fullest extent. There are a few tiers on how people follow passions. It’s an upside down triangle and none of it’s good or bad–it’s just how I see it. The bottom is the small amount of fulfillment and least amount of effort you put into your calling. Then the widest portion at the top is you giving it 100% and see the most success come out of it. Granted, just because you’re giving your all to something does not mean you’ll see success from it. It’s so important for your mental well being to know your passions are there to feed your soul–not necessarily your pockets. Figure out what success looks like to your soul, mind, and heart.

If you won the lottery and money was no option, how would you live your life? What do you see yourself doing? That dream or that vision is your passion coming to life in a daydream. For me it’s having a flat in Paris, traveling the world, and writing. All of your life you, the people around you, even the media set expectations for you. What if you didn’t worry about what your parents expected of you, or your friends, or even your enemies? What if you only worried about what you thought you?

That’s the journey I’m currently on. I go from “I do what I want” to “is it OK if I blink” in 2.1 seconds. This is about pushing myself to go after not only what I want but what I deserve. We deserve our dream life, we just need the courage to go after it.



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